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Tau Strategies is a public affairs consultancy helping clients be well-informed, make the right decisions and be heard by stakeholders.

Our experts have unparalleled experience in communications, insights and analytics, policy and politics, regulatory affairs, and strategic campaigns. We focus on enhancing our clients’ interests in Slovenia, the Western Balkans region and the broader EU space. We are insightful, creative and action-oriented.

Key People

Petra Aršič

Petra Aršič has taken a leave of absence to serve as State Secretary for Strategic Communications in the Office of the Prime Minister of Slovenia. Prior to her current role and work at Tau Strategies, she spent a decade as Advisor to President of Slovenia and working on campaigns in the wider Balkan region.

Dejan Levanič

Dejan Levanič is one of the best-connected actors in Slovenian politics and business. His past roles include serving as a Member of Parliament of Slovenia and as Secretary General and Campaign Manager for Social Democrats (currently in government). Dejan has been deeply involved in the region's business community.

Rok Dolenc

Rok Dolenc has extensive experience in government administration in Slovenia, the European Parliament, and non-governmental organizations. His expertise includes energy, sustainability and technology. He also worked on political and public affairs projects in Croatia and was in the Slovenian delegation at the COP28 Climate Conference.

Milly Doolan

Milly Doolan is one of the most respected public affairs professionals in Croatia. Trained in London, she specializes in digital & AI, security & defence, health, and food & agri policies in Croatia. Milly is Vice President of the Croatian Lobbying Association and serves on the Executive Board of the Croatian Employers’ Association.

Adri Nurellari

Adri Nurellari was an advisor to Albanian Prime Minister and to Kosovo's President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the Parliament. He also consulted for political groups in Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, and worked with international organizations such as the World Bank and UNDP. He is a regular columnist and analyst in the Albanian media.

Kosta petrov

Kosta Petrov was Vice President of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDUM) from 2019 to 2021. He spearheaded the party's historic victory in the 2020 parliamentary elections, shaping its marketing-communications efforts and the country's COVID economic response plan. Kosta is a PR expert with experience from 40 countries and a bestselling author.

Katarina Tadić

Katarina Tadic has an exceptional understanding of the political and socio-economic trends in Serbia. She has networked the Serbian political scene for years and knows leaders and MPs of the major political parties. Her experience includes roles in the European Fund for the Balkans or serving as President of the Chevening Society Serbia.

PhDr. Lukáš Kaucký

Dr. Lukáš Kaucký served as Czech Ambassador to Bulgaria 2019-24 and as Czech Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs 2014-2019. Prior to that he worked as a Director at Ministry of Health, in the European Parliament and served two terms as Representative in Prague City Assembly.

Petra Hnátková

Petra Hnátková is an expert in marketing and public relations. Based in Prague, she supports and coordinates most of Tau Strategies' projects. Petra has gained PR experience through internships during her studies, and was marketing and social media manager on numerous projects.

Our Vision

To become a leading public affairs consulting firm in Slovenia and the EU, driving positive change and sustainable growth for our clients through innovative communication strategies, policy expertise, and deep insights.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower clients with tailored public affairs solutions that amplify their voice, protect their interests, and help them make informed decisions. We leverage our extensive experience and deep understanding of communications, policy, and analytics to build strong relationships with stakeholders, creating strategic campaigns that enable our clients to thrive in a complex and dynamic world.

Our Values

Our core values include integrity, transparency, innovation, and excellence. We work with the highest ethical standards, being transparent and honest in our communication with our clients, and continuously implementing innovations and best practices to deliver the best and tailor-made solutions.”

Tau Strategies is a partner agency of Hanover Communications.

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